Service DJ's versus Commodity DJ's

Wednesday, June 29th 2011 12:14 pm

As I was reading an article in a popular trade magazine last night, I was inspired to expand on the topic this particular author was working on. He was talking about the differences in DJ’s being either a Service or a Commodity. Here is my take on the topic:

Commodities are things like, bathroom tissue, toothpaste, gasoline, oil, wheat. People generally purchase the cheapest possible option, especially when it comes to things like gasoline. To the end user, the result is the same no matter if you purchased gas from BP, Kwik Trip, Holiday or Super America. You put it into your tank and your car takes you where you need to go. The only difference may be a penny or two in the price and you normally will choose the lowest price option available.

Services are much different. Vendors like your Florist, Wedding Planner, Jeweler and Caterer offer specific areas of expertise and value. They may cost a little more than the lowest priced options but you as a bride or groom, will worry much less about the details since they are being taken care of by a professional. Generally when looking at a Service you also tend to make very careful and thoughtful purchase decisions on what vendor is the best fit for your needs.

Unfortunately many DJ Companies are viewed the same way as gasoline. When you are looking for a Wedding Disc Jockey you may hear your friends say “Don’t they all just play music and have flashy lights, so why not get the cheapest out there to save money?” Or better yet “Why don’t you do it yourself with your I-pod or get your 16 year old cousin to play some music?” These questions get asked every day by well meaning future mother – in – laws and bridesmaids all across Minnesota and Wisconsin. Some DJ’s think that all they are there for is to play music for some random wedding. In doing so the “Disc Jockey” will charge a ridiculously small amount for their “service” sometimes as little as $30 per hour or less. All you have to do is log into websites like to see what I am talking about.

There are hundreds if not thousands of horror stories about how the lowest priced DJ RUINED someone’s Wedding reception all in the name of saving money.

Wedding DJ’s in the St. Cloud area need to take into account that this is one of the most important days in your entire life and you will never get a second chance at it. To insure that your reception is full of happy memories Music On Wheels Disc Jockeys provides many services including Unlimited planning consultations to make sure the details are lined up just right. We provide a multitude of options to make sure each reception is unique. Service minded Wedding Entertainers also take the time to get in contact with you, not the other way around. Brides and Grooms shouldn’t have to wonder if the DJ they hired is going to show up for the reception or not. By keeping in touch with you on a regular basis will set your mind at ease and build trust as your big day get closer

You wouldn’t get your engagement ring from a coin operated toy machine at the local gas station, why would you do something similar with your Wedding Entertainment?

Written by Ben Lauzer
Music On Wheels Disc Jockeys

Saint Cloud Minnesota Area Manager