Memorial Songs - Another Unique Wedding Twist

Wednesday, August 24th 2011 8:07 pm

Last weekend I had the opportunity to perform at a wedding reception in which the bride and I lined up a “Memorial Song”.  A Memorial Song is a song that is played in remembrance of a loved one that has past away.  In this case, it was a song dedicated to the Mother of the Bride.

To my experience, this is a RARE request as it’s only the third time I have been requested to set up a Memorial Song.  However, I think that if you fall into the unfortunate circumstance where you loose a loved one in close proximity to the reception date, it may be a nice touch to include a Memorial Song to your playlist.

In this case, there were approximately 100 people on the dance floor with their arms around each other in a rather large circle sharing in a very special moment.  One that I am sure they will not forget anytime soon.  I know I won’t.

Ben Lauzer
Music On Wheels Disc Jockeys

Saint Cloud Minnesota Area Manager