Decisions, decisions...

Tuesday, April 16th 2013 11:33 pm

When you’re planning a wedding, it’s a blur. When you start out there’s a hope and an excitement that’s matched by few occasions in your lifetime simply because of the meaning and significance of the event.  It’s fun to imagine, hope and dabble with ideas and objects that you’ll only deal with once in your lifetime.  At some point, the details, procedures and planning all build up and it’s easy to get lost in the myriad of decisions you need to make. 

You have a vision for your wedding.  In my experience of nearly 30 years of performing as a disc jockey at weddings, I have seen countless caterers, bakers, decorators, wedding planners and hall operators help people achieve their dreams.  My advice for all prospective brides would be ‘hire the right people and leave the details to them.’

Bring your vision to the people you’re paying.  Find out how willing they are to meet your expectations.  Once you’ve hired the right people, let them bring their experience, their expertise and their creativity to your event.  Their talents become part of your day, if you let them.

A master chef doesn’t add every ingredient to every dish in the kitchen.  An architect doesn’t pick out the trim and carpeting to every office in a building he or she designs.  They have the vision, the overall plan and then they work with competent people who share similar values to deliver what they see as perfection.

The night of your wedding you don’t want to have to go in the kitchen and sample the chicken; you shouldn’t have to sort through and proof the flowers; and you certainly shouldn’t have to hand a playlist to your DJ entertainer.  Trust the people you hire.  You’re not paying them just for their tools or products, but for their experience and their judgment.  They are professionals and if they have taken the time to pursue and earn your trust, their reputations won’t allow them to give you any less than their best.

Give the details to someone else.  When your wedding is a memory, people won't recall how the napkins were folded, the lights the DJ had, or the color of the writing on the cake.  What they will remember is how they felt.  The joy, the laughter and the celebration they were part of on your day is what will remain with them when they see you in days to come.  For that, you need serious professionals that can willingly translate your vision, hopes and dreams into a joyful reality.  Trust the people you hire and enjoy celebrating your day with your guests.

Todd Olson
Music On Wheels Disc Jockeys
Wisconsin - Minnesota - Iowa