Are Bars and Nightclubs good places to preview your Wedding DJ?

Wednesday, July 27th 2011 10:32 am

Here is a question that I get asked at least once a month: “What bars can I go to and watch you perform?”

This seams like a great idea. That way you can hear the music and sound system, see the light show and get an idea of the DJ’s particular “style.” But unfortunately many Minnesota and Wisconsin Brides and Grooms fail to realize is that a Bar or Nightclub is the worst possible place to preview a DJ for your wedding.

First of all being a Bar or Nightclub DJ requires an entirely different set of skills than compared to a Wedding DJ. For example at your reception your DJ should be able to act as a Host for the reception, Emcee important events such as your First Dance. Wedding DJ’s also need to coordinate with other wedding vendors that evening (like your photographer, videographer, catering, etc) to ensure that the day goes smoothly. Just for starters.

As a Bar or Nightclub DJ your role is much more limited. Your main focus is to keep people in the bar drinking and to make sure they dance. These DJ’s hardly ever need to organize a Grand March and make sure that Dad has the right song for the Father / Daughter Dance or create an event timeline with the Banquet Hall staff.

I was recently a guest at a wedding where the Bride and Groom booked a local “Club” DJ and the above example was really driven home for me. This DJ hardly ever said anything on the microphone other than announcing the bride and grooms First Dance and played only “Club” or “Urban” styles of music.

I am not trying to bash Bar and Nightclub DJ’s at all. Many of my professional friends exclusively play at area nightclubs and bars. Music On Wheels Disc Jockeys even offers our services quite regularly to bars and nightclubs. My point is…Bars / Nightclubs are not appropriate places to preview a potential DJ for your reception because the events in question are very different.

Instead what I would suggest is that you try to build a relationship with your Wedding DJ based on trust with lots of open and honest communication of your wants and needs. Previewing Wedding DJ’s is not always about the physical attributes of the sound system or light show. Most of the time you are trying to set your mind at ease and relieve some apprehension about a very important part of your wedding. Instead of wasting your time travelling from bar to bar, get to know the company you are interested in and speak with them multiple times expressing your vision for the BIG DAY. Then you will be able to evaluate the person or company and feel confident that we understand your vision and will make it a reality!

Ben Lauzer
Music On Wheels Disc Jockeys

Saint Cloud Minnesota Area Manager